February 2014

February Events

February 14
Red Day & Valentines Day Party
Wear something RED The party starts at 3:15 pm. Donations are welcome see your
child’s teacher for suggestions.

February 18 – 21
Black History Month Project
Parents, please work with your child to identify a famous Black person. Do not use Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr or Pres. Barack Obama

February 27
Black History Program
The program is for teachers and children ONLY. Wear something BLACK.

Please sign your child in and out each day. Be prompt to
pick up by 6:00 pm.
Have your child at the school by 9:30 am. This is a center with a full academic program.
Communicate with your child’s teacher if you have questions, concerns or just want to know how the day went. Don’t hesitate to ask.

June 13, 2014
The attire is white dresses for the girls and dark suits for the boys.
This is a formal afair for the children, so please dress them accordingly. Ms. Collington and Ms. Tanya & Mrs. Bea’s classes only.

SCHOOL CLOSED Monday February 17, 2014 for President’s Day


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