About The New Rogers Ave Day Nursery

The New Rogers Avenue Day Nursery (NRADN) was established in January 1983.  Our Grand Opening was January 23, 1983.  The daycare center was thought of and established by the late Jean Wood and her husband, Roddie Wood.  One of the very first students to attend was their very own daughter, Rashika Wood.  Mrs. Graham was our first teacher and Mrs. Essie Coleman was the first Director.

This is a picture of a picture

(This is a picture of a Picture)
Throughout the years we would come to have a staff of 17 which includes teachers, a cook, administrators, and grounds keeper.
We are proud to say we are entering our 30th year of service to the community and would like to thank all who have been a part of this endeavor.  We have seen many students grow and blossom into intelligent and wise young adults and many have come to the age where their own children now attend the nursery.  In our 29th closing ceremony, one of the students who graduated from our program is the daughter of a previous student.
For many years our business has been “word-of-mouth” and we appreciate all of the faith and pride you, our parents have put in us.  We pledge to always do our best to care for and educate your children while in our care.
Thank you

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